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Our Services

Hussain Al Nahash & Associates Law Firm is committed to providing superior legal consultation and regulatory defence for a wide variety of cases throughout The Kingdom of Bahrain. Our solicitors have a significant amount of experience and expertise in dealing with various cases, thanks to years of dedicated practice in the courts of law. Here is a list of all the service we provide:

General Practice Corporate Law
Sharia Law Criminal Law
Registration of Trademarks Labour Cases
Land Registration & Notarization Section Family Law for Foreigners
Agreements Memorandums of Associations
Public Interest Cases  

General Practice:As general practitioners, we are perfect for all your private/ small claims issues over a wide array of issues. You can avail our services for all types of minor property issues, personal injuries, agreements, help in setting up new small businesses/ corporations etc. Even with years of experience in the field, and having been specialized in individual fields, we still look forward to taking up general practicing for the diversity and the challenges it provides. We take time to analyze your case and provide the right services. If we find your case requires experienced hands, we will be happy to provide you refined services for the same.

Sharia Law:We provide reliable services pertaining to the Sharia law, and offer complete Sharia advisory and consultancy services in The Kingdom of Bahrain. We have a proven track record of rendering economical and reliable legal services in compliance with the principles of the Sharia law, be it financial or otherwise. We provide personalized legal solutions that adhere to the holy laws in matters of retail, corporate, syndicate transactions and capital markets. We undertake the services of drafting, and reviewing all forms of Sharia legal documentation and tune it to better suit the Islamic forms of transactions.

Registration of Trademarks:We have provided instrumental service in helping businesses/ corporate establishments and individuals register trademarks in order to protect their brands, services and intellectual rights. We understand the laws and prerequisites that go into protecting the rights of a product/ service and offer our services accordingly. We keep ourselves updated with the changing laws and tune our services in the best interest of our clients. Our services extends to settling disputes over trademarks, help our clients make any changes as deemed necessary and offer appropriate assistance in renewing the trademarks.

Land Registration and Notarization Section: Legal matters involving land registration and notarization require a special attention in order to ensure that it does not lead to legal complications in the future. We specialize in all forms of real estate registration, and comply with the laws set by the offices of survey bureau, commercial registration and notarization, and other such legal bodies. We also provide complete legal assistance in matters of mortgage agreements against banking loans and services.

Agreements: Starting a business sin The Kingdom of Bahrain requires you to comply with the laws governing the land and you are to forge several agreements with the government and, if collaborating with a Bahrain based company, with the company as well. These laws are in place to work in the best interests of the business establishment and must be adhered to strictly to avoid any legal complications in the future. We help you draw up the agreement deal in compliance with the laws, and help in getting it approved by the appropriate governing bodies.

Public Interest Cases: We undertake several public interest cases and have worked with several non-profit institutions and individuals in defending such cases. We have worked on several environmental, health, human rights, labour and other related public interest cases. We look at the bigger picture in these matters, and work in the best interests for the greater good of our clients. Our intention in working with such clients is to play a part in the greater good of things, and in the betterment of the society as a whole.

Corporate Law: Hussain Al Nahash & Associates Law Firm is one of the leading practitioners of corporate law, and provide competent advices on several corporate issues such as the structuring of organizations, jurisdiction of transactions, corporate governance and fiduciary compliance structure matters. We understand the matters that are imperative to achieve corporate success, and our lawyers act accordingly in providing associated services. We help you minimize legal liabilities and help fulfil all legal obligations, which protect you during delicate moments such as raising capital and undertaking risky transactions.

Criminal Law: We are among the most trusted criminal defence solicitors in The Kingdom of Bahrain. Our criminal lawyers structure a highly tactical and strategically sophisticated case in the favour of our clients. We are known for providing sensible and practical criminal law advices, and specialize in keeping high profile cases out of the public view. We involve ourselves in several types of criminal cases ranging from general crime to serious offences such as corruption, money laundering etc.

Labour Law: For years, we have strived to help better the employer/ employee relations in several business establishments. We undertake cases that involve matters such as managing disputes between the employees and employers, providing advises on wage revision matters, employment counselling and litigation, employee benefits litigation, matters pertaining to Department of Labour, helping new businesses draw up appropriate employment policies etc. Our solicitors are well learnt in the matters of labour laws, which makes them eligible to represent clients in such matters, and to provide appropriate solutions.

Family law for Foreigners: We assist our multinational clients in the matters of immigration and citizenship. Our immense knowledge of local laws and international laws enables us to provide reliable legal services and help our clients avoid a multitude of immigration problems. We work closely with the legal system in gaining a better understanding of the various matters pertaining to immigration laws, which helps us provide cost effective, yet high quality services. We specialize in application of permanent resident status and citizenship matters especially to our client's kin and family.

Memorandums of associations: We help in matters of drawing up memorandums of association in order to incorporate a company in The Kingdom of Bahrain. We help companies draft the memorandum and get it approved as per the national laws. This document protects the owners, investors and the shareholders of the limited liability company and is a requirement in order for the government to recognize the company, and in determining the operations of the company. We help you figure out several clauses that govern the company in order to avoid any potential liabilities in the future.

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